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Production process

The company’s structure and product mix
  1. Polyamide industrial yarn and cord fabric production unit: polyamide PA 6 (granulated), polyamide light & heat – stabilized yarn; polyamide spun-dyed industrial yarn,  nylon greige cord fabric; nylon dipped cord fabric; nylon 66 dipped cord fabric, polyester dipped cord fabric,  polyamide BCF texturized yarn, as well as twisted BCF Heat-Set,  polyester yarn, polyamide high tenacity single twist yarn, industrial fabric.
  2. Cord and nylon yarn production unit: polyamide PA-6 (granulated), polyamide spun-dyed industrial yarn,  nylon greige cord fabric.
  3. Workshop for plastics production: polymer composite materials.
Production of  polyamide-6 (PA-6)

DSCN4036-2.jpgProduction process enables to produce high-grade granulate PA 6 not heat- stabilized with nominal viscosity 2,5, 2,7 and 3,35, that is applicable for processing by the method of high-speed spinning and production of BCF yarns, industrial yarns, cord fabric, fishing-nets yarns, production of engineering plastic materials, films and sausage layer. Polyamide can be directly used for parts production by method of injection molding or extrusion.

Production of polyamide industrial yarn

установка Бармаг 2.jpgBranch «Khimvolokno Plant» JSC «Grodno Azot»  manufactures a wide range of polyamide yarns for production of: cord and industrial fabrics; MRG; packing cloth; fishing tackle, including fishing nets, ropes, cordage etc. and consumer goods.
Polyamide industrial yarn is produced:
- according to PA-6 melt spinning at one process spin-draw-winding lines of Zimmer, Barmag, TMT,  Swiss Tex

установка ЦИММЕР (1).jpgOur equipment and technology allow us to produce polyamide industrial yarn with tenacity 66 mN/dtex to 85 mN/dtex with linear density 935 dtex, 1440 dtex, 1870 dtex, including light&heat-stabilised and spun-dyed.

High tenacity twisted yarn (935 dtex; 1440 dtex; 1870 dtex) 1-, 2-, 3 -plied with twist range 36-500 twists/m is produced at the state-of-the-art equipment – a double twisting machine of Allma|Saurer, Germany. Twisted yarn is used in production of industrial fabrics, fishing tackle.

Production of nylon cord fabric (greige)

Фото1182.jpgNylon cord fabric of different styles is produced from polyamide twisted yarns that undergo twisting at Rieter twisting machines. Fabric weaving is done at Picanol-Guenne, Dornier air-jet weaving machines that allows making seamless cord fabric.

Production of dipped cord fabric: nylon 6, nylon 6.6, polyester

IMG_1147-2.jpgA wide range of dipped cord fabrics is manufactured at our  Benninger lines. We produce:  
•    nylon dipped cord fabric with surface density  (195-666)±10 g/r.m;  
•    polyester dipped cord fabric with surface density  (485-725)±20 g/r.m;
•    nylon 6.6 dipped cord fabric with surface density  (268-617)±10 g/r.m.
Roll weight is up to 3 tons, diameter up to 2 meters and fabric width max. 150 cm.

Production of nylon BCF texturized yarn

Nylon BCF textured yarn, used for production of carpet floor coverings, is manufactured at the state-of-the-art spin-draw-texturing and winding equipment of Neumag company.  

Our equipment and technology allow producing nylon texturized yarns with linear density 1000 dtex, 1100 dtex, 1300 dtex, 1800 dtex of profile section, antistatic, undyed and spun-dyed.

Production of nylon texturized twisted BCF Heat Set

DSCN7294.JPGNylon texturized twisted BCF Heat Set, including BCF Frise, for carpet floor coverings of increased comfort is manufactured at Volkmann twisting equipment with further heat-setting of twists at  Power Heat Set equipment.

Our equipment and technology allow producing nylon texturized twisted heat-set yarns of different structure one- and two-plied, including undyed and spun-dyed.

Production of polyester HMLS yarn

DSCN4221.JPGPolyester HMLS yarn is made of amorphous PET granulate, which previously went through solid state postpolicondensation process at the spin-draw-winding line of Barmag company.

We produce polyester yarn of 1440 dtex, 1670 dtex, 2200 dtex linear density.

Production of industrial fabric

17-1.jpgIndustrial fabric is made of yarns that were cabled several plies at the Dietze+Schell rewinding machine with subsequent twisting of cabled yarn at Allma|Saurer machines. The fabric is woven at Dornier rapier loom. Technical capabilities of our weaving equipment allow producing greige industrial fabrics of 60 - 250 cm width and up to 1000 m fabric roll  length with three types of selvedge (tucked-in, cut, fused). Nylon, polyester, nylon 6.6 yarns are used for production of the fabric.

Production of polymer composite materials

установка БЕРСТДОРФ.jpgBranch «Khimvolokno Plant» JSC «Grodno Azot» is the first company in CIS, among those producing man-made fibers and yarns, which commercialized production of PA-6 based composite materials. This necessity for our own polymer composite materials  (PCM) production facilities was caused by growing demand in materials that could substitute ferrous and nonferrous metals and improve performance characteristics of products, as well as by the need in our own PA-6 raw materials source.

Currently there are 8 production lines of different application that enable manufacturing of over 1000 tons/month of polymer composite materials and masterbatches.

The product range exceeds 100 grades of PCM which can meet our customers’ any requirement.

Physical and mechanical tests and chemical analysis of the manufactured products are performed in our physicochemical laboratory. The laboratory meets the requirements of “Accrediting system for calibration and testing laboratories of the Republic of Belarus” and is certified for technical competence.


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