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Nylon 6.6 cord fabric


Nylon 6.6 cord fabric is used as a multilayer carcass at building of pneumatic tyres and unlike nylon 6 cord fabric it is more resistant to heat ageing, has higher durability and lower elongation that reduce tyre wearing and increase tyre life. Specific features of nylon 6.6 cord fabric make it irreplaceable in production of commercial (truck) and heavy duty truck tyres that run in heavy road conditions and tyres for high-speed passenger cars as well.

Branch "Khimvolokno Plant" has mastered production of nylon 6.6 cord fabric of the following styles: 30ADU and 302ADU with structure tex 210x1x2, 133ADU (tex 94x1x2), 13ATLDU (tex 94x1x2), 132ADU (tex 94x1x2), 25ATLDU (tex 187x1x2), 252ATLDU (tex 187x1x2), 35(352) ADU (tex 210x1x2).

As a result of technical re-equipment with implementation of high technology machinery of the world leading manufacturers of equipment, including that for production of high tenacity industrial yarns and for twisting and weaving, branch "Khimvolokno Plant" produces greige cord fabrics the quality level of which corresponds to quality level of the similar products of the foreign leading companies. Tyre cord production at the company has been included into the register of high technological production facilities and enterprises of the RB as on decision of the State Committee of Science and Technologies of the RB.

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