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Cord fabrics


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Cord fabric structure1880х1х21440х1х2
Tensile strenght, N/(kgf), min290 (29,6)201 (20,5)
Twists per meter :
- single twist
- cord twist
Elongation, %:
- at 20 N 
- at 39 N
- at break
3,0 ± 1,0
6,0 ± 1,0
23,0 ± 2,0
Hot air shrinkage at 160° С,
20 min, %, max
7,5 *7,5 *
Fabric width, cmas on agreement
Total number of  ends per 10 cm
- by warp
- by weft
as on agreement
Adhesion, N, min**137130
Dip pick up ,%4,5±1,0
Roll diameterup to 2m
* If agreed with a customer change of test methods and correspondingly change of nominal
values are admitted
** For determination of parameter the rubber mixture of the customer is used.
 In case of  change of consumer’s rubber type the value is subject to be agreed between the
 supplier and the customer

Dipped cord fabric preliminarily wound on a shell is packed in the way as follows:
- a roll is wrapped up with foamed polyethylene of 3 mm thickness. On each roll end there is put one cardboard circle with bags consisting moisture absorbing substance preliminarily fixed on it. Then a layer of polyethylene foil with hole for a shell is put after circle upon which fiberboard circles are put on each roll end. A roll together with a shell is wrapped up with black polyethylene stretch-foil of 23 μm thickness and 15-25 revolutions of packing machine, wrapped with 2 layers of cardboard and a case of polypropylene industrial fabric is put on it.


Cord fabric is carried in 40’ containers, boxcars and trucks

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